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+1. General

+2. Shipping

  Q: Why canˇ¦t I get my shipping charges back?
  A: All shipping charges are paid to the shipping company, thus we do not return or refund any shipping charges that has been used.

  Q: Do you provide COD?
  A: No, all purchases are made on a pre-paid basis. Orders must be paid in full before they get processed.

  Q: The driver is at my door step, what should I do?
  A: Check the package and its contents for any major damages. If the products are all there, please sign the bill of lading. If any damages or problems are found , please make note of it before signing. If you have any questions or problems, please contact us.

  Q: Are your products insured during shipping?
  A: Shipping insurance is extra and optional. It is not included in the freight charge. To ensure the products are fully covered when being transited, Motorkitz Team strongly recommends all customers to have shipping insurance purchased. Failure to have the shipping insurance purchased will come to the responsibility of customers for all damaged shipments.

  Q: How long is shipping?
  A: Actual shipping time from our warehouse to any destination in the Australia is approximately 3-10 business days. The total shipping time can vary according to the availability of the products ordered.

  Q: I received part of my order where is the rest?
  A: Due to the possibilities of back order, some orders will be fulfilled as the products come into our warehouse. In such cases we will send what we have first and send the rest later.

  Q: I got my order and I signed for the product, but now I noticed there damages to it, can I return it?
  A: If at the time you received the products no signs of damages were noted down on the delivery bill, the products cannot be returned. Once the package is received and signed as clear by you, our insurance with the shipping company is voided. You can however, make a claim with the shipping company directly. This does not mean that you will not get your claim, only that Motorkitz Team will no longer be responsible for your claim.

+3. Installation

  Q: Do you guarantee fitment?
  A: Due to the nature of fiberglass, we do not guarantee fitment. All our products are made to the closest OEM standards possible, but since they are all hand made, minor difference can occur. Also with the vast possibilities of why products do not fit perfectly, such as accidents, heat, poor installation, etc, it is very difficult to guarantee perfect fitment. .

  Q: Can you install the products for me?
  A: Motorkitz Team is strictly a distribution facility. We do not do any kind of body work or customization at our active site. However, you may contact us and we can help you through your installation.

  Q: Why does my kit not fit perfectly?
  A: Due to the nature of fiberglass, we cannot guarantee fitment. All our products are made to the closest OEM standards possible, but since they are all hand made minor difference can occur. Also with the vast possibilities of why products do not fit perfectly, such as accidents, heat, poor installation, etc, it is very difficult to guarantee perfect fitment.

  Q: Do I need to remove the reinforcement bar?
  A: The removal of the reinforcement bar may be necessary for the fitment of our aftermarket products. In some instances the reinforcement bar may only need to be trimmed down for fitment of our products.

  Q: Do your kits come with hardware and instructions?
  A: Some of our more common kits come with instructions and hardware. However, we still recommend having a qualified professional body shop with experience in these products to perform installation.

  Q: Is it hard to install these products?
  A: For an experience body man, it is very simple to install our products. This is not always the case for body shops that have no experience in installing after market body kits. Even though you might feel you have the experience and knowledge to install it yourself, we do not recommend for any of our customers to install the products themselves. Please be advised that our recommendation is to take it to a professional. If the body shop is going to charge you anything over $1,200 to paint and install, you are probably better off finding another source.

  Q: What kind of body shop should I have this kit installed by?
  A: When looking for a body shop to install your kit, look for one with experience in doing such installations. A body shop with 30 years experience in doing collision work but no experience in aftermarket body kits is not recommended. It would be better to take the kit to a body shop with just 2 years in business but specialize in installing aftermarket body kits.

+4. Payment

  Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
  A: We accept money orders, cashiers checks, personal and company checks, and cash.

< Direct deposit >
Bank: ANZ
Account name: Motorkitz Team
BSB: 013257
Account number: 494255854

< Money order/Bank Cheque >
Payable: Motorkitz Team
Postal address: PO BOX 8167 Monash University Post Office, Wellington Road, Clayton, VIC 3800

< Paypal >
Payment email address: paypal@motorkitz.com

+5. Claim

  Q: How to complete the Claim form?
  A: Have on hand all your necessary documentations related to your order
  1. Prepare as much supporting documentations as possible including photo or/and video illustrations for the product in question
  2. Make sure you complete all applicable blanks on the form
  3. Use the checklist on this page before you lodge your claim

  Q: How to define if my product is eligible to apply for a claim?
  A: Please note that your claim will not be eligible to be processed under the following situations:

  1. Product in question has been spray painted or colored
  2. Works were done on the product in question which made significantly different from the original conditions
  3. Product in question fitting on vehicles which have been damaged or involved in a collision
  4. Product in question fitting on vehicles which have been custom modified

  Q: What sort of supporting documentations are required and may help the claim?
  A: In general, supporting documentations in the form of photo or video illustrations are sufficient for a claim. In some cases, if the illustrations are found not definite to show the fault product in question. You maybe required supplying a supporting condition report from a qualified panel beater for clarification.

  Q: Can I submit the supporting documentations in digital format?
  A: Supporting documentations can be submitted in digital format. Please specify clearly in writing under the ˇ§Supporting Documentationˇ¨ section if so. We may also require a hardcopy format for clarification in some cases.

  Q: What is the valid period to submit a claim?
  A: The claim must be submitted within 14 days after receipt of the product in question. Motorkitz Team reserves the rights to deny or delay the claim otherwise.

  Q: For all successful claims, are shipping charges refundable?
  A: For all successful claims, shipping charges are not refundable.

  Q: How long will it take to have my claim processed?
  A: Normally, it will take 3~6 business days for us to investigate and get back to you the result.

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