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About Us

Motorkitz Team was established in early 2005 with the purpose of providing aftermarket products and services for the increasing needs of car lovers. Using trusted brand name car accessories such as HKS, Trust, Apexi, Defi , Nismo, Blitz, power-enterprise and others. We are able to provide a wide range of aftermarket body-styling products for Japanese and European cars:

ĦE Nissan cars such as Silvia, Fairlady, Skyline
ĦE Honda cars such as Civic, Integra
ĦE Toyota cars such as Celica. MR2, Supra
ĦE Subaru cars such as WRX
ĦE Mitsubishi cars such as Lancer, Evo
ĦE Audi cars such as A4
ĦE BMW cars such as E46, E90, E92

Motorkitz Team brings in with it a greater range of quality online products. Having comparatively low overheads, our prices remain competitive. In order to provide our customers the best products and services, Motorkitz Team established our own technical support and product development team in 2006 at Melbourne (Australia).
We develop and manufacture most of our parts and test under highly stringent conditions to ensure the highest quality and performance.

Our technical support team consists of experienced technicians whose expertise include, electronic installation; ECU trouble-shooting; electronic fitment; turbo-fitment, installing of rollcages and sound systems set up just to name a few. We have warehouses located in major cities such as Melbourne, Adelaide and New South
Wales and orders can be delivered locally or internationally.

The Motorkitz Team have always believed in providing a high quality services and products to the market are the major keys to the success. In production process, we endeavor to develop and control high quality and wide range of auto products.

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